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Social Media Marketing

Every business owner searches for results on any social media marketing campaign we understand that and we focus to discuss with every client how to reach a great result within our budget plan.

Our Process:

  1. LEARN
    1. We discuss with the client every detail about his business and his wow factor the differentiation point and what is the positioning that we need to reflect in our campaign and which segments we can target and if there is any value proposition we can add to the portfolio we discuss every minor detail to learn everything about his business and determine the goals and objectives of our campaign.
    1. We start to make our research for market and competitors and with our long past experience in marketing research with many fields of business especially in Alexandria, Egypt we can give the client a great overview and his situation and his competitor’s social media marketing efforts and social media advertising efforts and give him a full report.
  3.    PLAN
    1. After learn and marketing research phase we work on a marketing plan depending on the research to get your business objective and achieve the result for the company we work on a 360-degree campaign that covers more than one channel and put our KPI to keep tracking our progress.
    1. After we start the execution phase we try to test every creative and idea to know which is the best for the campaign.
    1. We follow up every ad test to get which we have to run and which we have to stop and monitor the KPI.
    1. We refine all the ads and repeat on the selected winner ad mix for the campaign to get the best results.

MAC DESIGN is a company based in Alexandria Egypt our goal is to get results for our customers and make them happy and be in win win situation.


  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and others)
  • Social media advertising